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OOAK Handmade Day of the Dead Felt Soft Sculpture Eternal Lovers Couple

$ 125.00

I created my Day of the Dead eternal lovers as part of an art challenge and also as an homage to the day and saw it as a chance to put my own whimsical style on an iconic long standing holiday.

My Day of the Dead couple are lovers forever.. Ernesto was a musician in a famed mariachi band and Estella was the town beauty. While they couldn’t be together in life they are happy to spend eternity together.

Skeletons and skulls are prominent icons in Day of the Dead celebrations. These images are meant to be whimsical and fun not scary. Skeleton Day of the Dead art are typically shown very long and thin and dressed well but doing ordinary things like cooking, playing musical instruments, dancing etc.

  • Ernesto and Estella are stump type dolls. A stump doll doesn’t have legs or feet. I divided Ernesto’s stump into 2 separate ones so technically he does have legs, but not feet. Both dolls are completely hand sewn and their main bodies are made from black wool blend felt.
  • Ernesto has white mini pompom trim sewn down the sides of his pants. He wears a wide, red felt belt with red embroidery thread fringe. His colorful vest is made from black wool blend felt and is appliqued and embroidered in a fun design and there is large orange pompom trim sewn to the bottom of the vest. His bone arms are extra elongated and wired and his hands are black wool blend felt with skellie fingers embroidered on. His hands are wired so he can hold a traditional, short necked, 6 string guitar. His face is a skull design on white felt with a mustache and a forehead web design. Bright green mini pompom trim frames blue felt “painted” eyes. He wears a Mexican charro hat that I embroidered in the same colors as his vest. His hat is sewn firmly to his head and is not meant to be removable.
  • Estella wears a white felt Mexican peasant blouse embroidered and appliqued in my own design. Her skirt is made from a fun and colorful Day of the Dead skull fabric with a large orange pompom trim and orange tulle trim. She has the same bone arms and hands as Ernesto and she holds a bouquet of felt flowers with a navy blue ribbon. Her face is a skull design on white felt similar to Ernesto’s with a light purple pompom trim framing orange “painted” eyes. She has black yarn hair arranged in a Frida braid style with felt flowers sewn in. A mantilla headpiece of black lace with felt flowers flows from the top of her head and down her back.
  • Ernesto stands about 17.5 inches tall.
  • Estella stands about 17 inches tall.

They are selling as a set.

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