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Handmade Felt Plush Tan Easter Bunny Girl Doll 1

$ 30.00

Paisley is a spunky and humorous Tan bunny with mischievous dark brown eyes. She's full of fun and adventure and loves to tell knock knock jokes. What an amazing amount of fun she and your little one will have!

My favorite books as a child had illustrations of animals dressed as people living in houses and doing people like things. All of my animal designs are a nod to that special theme. Paisley is made from a quality wool blend felt and completely hand sewn with care and love. She even has a sweet fluffy bunny tail under her skirt.

"Paisley's favorite knock knock joke is: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Canoe! Canoe who? Canoe come out and play with me today?"

She is 17 inches tall from the tips of her toes to the tips of her ears.

Her dress is made from premium poly felt in light pink and purple and is machine sewn with hand sewn details. It has a light purple ribbon sewn around her waist that ties in a bow in the back. There is also a trim of dark pink mini pompoms sewn to the hem of her skirt. I designed the sweetest bunny silhouette duo with colorful eggs in a grass of embroidery for the front of her skirt.

She wears a sweet light pink felt bow with a hand rolled purple wool felt ball that is firmly attached to her head.

Paisley is made to be able to sit, on a shelf, on a chair at a tea party or in the backseat of a car (with a seat belt on of course), ready and eager to travel wherever her little person takes her.

She can be spot cleaned if necessary and her dress was made to be removed for a gentle washing, hang to dry.

Paisley has a sister Paulina who is available in another listing.

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